Previous students at Imperial College London

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Personal research website of Dr Valentin Heller

· Mr Matthew Cobbold, MEng student, Far-field numerical modelling of subaerial landslide-tsunamis using FUNWAVE-TVD, 02.2014 - 07.2014

· Mr Zekai (Peter) Bi, MSc student, An experimental investigation of scale effects of vortex structures in shallow water, 03.2013 - 08.2013 (co-supervised by Dr. J. Spinneken)

· Mr Mark Bruggemann, MEng student, Composite modelling of the influence of geometry on landslide generated impulse waves, 01.2012 - 06.2012 (co-supervised by Dr J. Spinneken)

· Mr Thibaut Desguers, Internship student from Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan, An experimental investigation of scale effects in vortex structures, 03.2012 - 07.2012 (co-supervised by Dr. J. Spinneken)

Previous students at the University of Southampton

Talented, enthusiastic and motivated students with good marks are more than welcome to apply (contact Dr Heller).

· Mr Rorik Adams, MSc  student, Modelling of landslide generated tsunamis with SPH, SCEE, 06.2010 - 09.2010

· Ms Mahtab Moalemi, MSc project, The effect of the geometry on landslide generated tsunamis, SCEE, 02. - 06.2010

· Mr Robert Kinnear, MSc student, The effect of reservoir geometry on landslide generated impulse waves, SCEE, 06. - 10.2009

Previous student at ETH Zurich

· Mr Remo Steiner, MSc student, Alternative Geometrie für Skisprünge [An alternative geometry for ski jumps], VAW, 10.2006 - 01.2007 (co-supervised by Prof. Dr. W.H. Hager)

Available projects

Funding opportunities for exceptional home and international PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers are available on a competitive basis. These opportunities include:

PhD students

Mr Matthew Kesseler, PhD student, Scaling laws and scale effects in granular slides, start October 2015

Current modules

· H23HDE: Hydraulic Design and Experiments (Spring Semester), convenor

· H22POR: Convenor of workshops: Hydraulics H1 (Spring Semester) & Technical Writing F1 (Autumn/Spring Semester)

· H24A03: MEng Group Design Project (Autumn Semester), contributor

· H24A04: MEng Investigative Project (Autumn/Spring Semester), contributor

· H23A13: BEng Individual Investigative Project (Autumn/Spring Semester), contributor

· H24POP: MSc Civil Engineering Research Project Organisation and Planning (Spring Semester, contributor)

· Engineering for People Design Challenge - Convenor (50%, Spring Semester)

· Landslide-tsunamis

· Wave and tidal energy conversion

· Fluid-structure interaction

· Scale effects in fluids and granular flows

Previous MEng, BEng and other students

· Miss Ziyuan Chen, BEng student, Effect of vegetation on flow structure in a laboratory flume, 10.2017-12.2017

· Mr Seerone Kandasamy, BEng student, Why is a turbine dragged behind a boat an inefficient energy source?, 10.2017-12.2017

· Miss Jiaqi Liu, BEng student, Comparison of different methods for air pollution dispersion modelling, 10.2017-12.2017

· Mr Youssef Socolovsky, BEng student, An investigation on the hydrodynamics of rising bubbles in a water column, 10.2017-12.2017

· Mr Greg Nichols, MEng student, Numerical investigation of wave forces on rigid and flexible plates calibrated and validated with existing laboratory data, 10.2016 - 05.2017

· Mr Samuel Hammond, BEng student, Experimental investigation of the 2007 rock and ice avalanche at Mount Steele, 10.2016 - 05.2017

· Mr Jiazhang Liu, BEng student, Case study of landslide-tsunamis at Es Verdà by using the SPH numerical method, 10.2016 - 05.2017

· Miss Ramandeep Kaur, N-SERP student from the University of Brighton, Modelling of tsunamis generated by ice calving with OpenFOAM, 06.2016 - 07.2016

· Mr Stefan Holenstein, MSc student from ETH Zurich, Feasibility study of a cost efficient multi-purpose wave flume, 02.2016 - 06.2016

· Mr Samuel Bell, MSci student in 4th year, Experiments in tidal flow streams, 10.2015 - 05.2016

· Mr Matthew Urquhart, MEng student in 4th year, The UK’s wind power: Exploring the future for offshore and onshore potential, 10.2015 - 05.2016

· Mr Baldev Virdee, BSc student in 3rd year, An investigation into hydropower as a reliable source of clean energy and whether implementation of a hydropower plant along Afon Anafon will be beneficial, 10.2015 - 05.2016

· Mr Sheng Yang, BEng student in 3rd year, Hazards of surface impulse waves generated by ice calving, 10.2015 - 05.2016

· Mr Ewan Sloan, BEng student in 2nd year, Landslide-tsunami modelling with DualSPHysics, 06.2015 - 08.2015 (Engineering Research Placements project)

Mr Fan Chen, PhD student, Experimental and numerical investigation of tsunamis generated by ice calving, start October 2016

Ewan won the Impact runner up poster award at the ERPs celebration event, congratulations!


· Miss Rosemary Anne Thurling, MEng student in 4th year, Measurement of bridge afflux and backwater, 01.2015 - 04.2015

· Mr Manthan Bharatlal, BEng student in 3rd year, Urban drainage system stormwater sewer, 01.2015 - 05.2015

· Mr Daniel Mawdsley, BSc student in 3rd year, Flow velocity measurement with a Valeport velocity meter in the lab and in nature, 01.2015 - 05.2015

Mr Gioele Ruffini, PhD student, Numerical characterisation of landslide-tsunamis in idealised and real water bodies, start December 2016

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Please contact Dr Heller several months in advance of an upcoming deadline. Generally, I am interested in postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and exchange students in the fields of:

· Research Fellowship: Marie Sklodowska-Currie Actions Fellowship

· PhD studentship: General overview of PhD funding opportunities at UoN

· PhD studentship: Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence PhD Scholarship

· PhD studentship: Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence (EU)

· PhD studentship: Chinese Scholarship Council Research Excellence Scholarship

· PhD studentship: Commonwealth Fellowship for PhD study

· PhD studentship: Your own country may offer further funding schema to go abroad

· MSc students:  Erasmus students are welcome as well

· Gioele represented the GEP research group in the final of the Engineering Research Showcase 2017 (1st year students), congratulations!

· Matthew won the Best Poster Award at the Link17 student-lead conference at the UoN in 2017, and also the Best Poster: Research Impact in the Engineering Research Showcase in 2017, congratulations!

· Fan won one of the highly competitive China Scholarship Council Research Excellence Scholarships to fund his PhD, congratulations!

Well defined projects are available in the following two areas:

· Wave loading on flexible structures

· Novel scaling laws in hydrodynamics

· Scale effects in granular slides

Mr Hai Tan, PhD student at Wuhan University, academic visitor for 6 months, Numerical modelling of rigid landslides and the generated waves based on a coupled DEM-SPH approach, start December 2017

MEng, BEng and other students

· Mr Ben Brown, MEng student, Air pollution dispersion modelling, 10.2017-05.2018

· Mr Ming Kwong Chung, MEng student, Acoustic fluidisation in granular flows, 10.2017-05.2018

· Mr Ewan Sloan, MEng student, Scale effects in broad-crested weir flow, 01.2018 - 05.2018